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Industry cooler

As a long lasting business we are qualified to build heat exchangers and oil cooling systems in short limited and conventional series, which achieve every regular demand concerning quality, efficiency and operating reliability.

Our products expect on the latest level of technical standards with reference to thermo technical optimizing, construction, material and manufacturing.

Industry cooler

The cooler-shell

…is made of steel tubes. The inside area is cylindrical drilled, so that we effect a high solidity of the deflectors.


…are built up with seamless tubes, two tube plates and adequate deflectors. The tubes are rolled into the plates. One tube-plate is fixed with the material, the other one acts as a slide-plate, so that heat strain can be avoided. The deflectors make the floating material cool down by piping around the cooling tubes in cross flow.

Heat-exchanger and oil-cooler-systems can be built in horizontal and vertical construction.

Horizontal construction:

These ones are equipped with a flange cover and a water circulation socket. The vertical construction has got a bottom case instead of the flange cover.

In the range of the water circulation socket you can find a rubber seal, which can be easily retighten by flange ring at any time. Because of this rubber seal it is able, even under pressure, to check the bottom of the cooling tube and the cooling tubes themselves, after removing the water circulation socket.

Every heat-exchanger will be tested in solidity and pressure in detail, in witch the test-pressure amounts 20 bar on the shell-side and 10 bar on the water-side.

  • 1. Cooler shell
  • 2. Flange cover
  • 3. Water circulation socket
  • 4. Tube bundle
  • 5. Compression gland
  • 6. Cooling tube
  • 7. Tube plate
  • 8. Tube plate
  • 9. Seal
  • 10. Seal
  • 11. Seal
  • 12. Seal
  • 13. Blank flange
  • 14. Seal
  • 15. Blank flange
  • 16. Seal